8 Pointers for Acing Your CNA Job Interview

Interviewing for a CNA position is exciting, but nerve-wracking. Your performance can make or break your chances. Pick up great pointers for acing your CNA job interview in this post.
8 Pointers for Acing Your CNA Job Interview

As a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, you shouldn't struggle to find job openings. Landing your dream job, however, is another story. If you're lucky enough to get an interview for a position you really want, don't just head in without making any preparations. By properly preparing for your big interview, you'll dramatically increase your odds of being hired.

It's natural to be nervous about an important interview. An effective way to alleviate that nervousness is by being as prepared as possible. Get there by keeping these tips in mind:

Practice Makes Perfect

There are tons of CNA interview questions and answers online. Study them extensively, and enlist a friend to help you answer them effectively. Go over commonly asked questions again and again so that you can answer them easily and naturally when the time comes.

Learn About Your Prospective Employer

Take the time to learn a little about the facility where you'll be interviewed. Visit its official website to find out when it opened, how many patients it serves, and other facts. Showing the interviewer that you've done your homework will reflect well on you.

Ask Questions Too

Before your interview, come up with a few questions to ask yourself. The interviewer will almost certainly ask if you have any, and having some lined up shows that you are truly interested in the job and want to know more.

Be Well-Groomed

You don't need to dress to the nines for your interview, but you should look neat. In addition to wearing a nice, professional outfit, make sure your hair is neat, your nails are trimmed and clean and that you're otherwise well-groomed.

Be Early

Being late to an interview is one of the biggest faux pas you can make. With that in mind, plan on getting there at least 15 to 30 minutes early. It's far better to have to wait than to show up just in the nick of time or hopelessly late.

Be Confident and Enthusiastic

Nervous though you may be, try your best to project confidence and enthusiasm from the moment you arrive until the second you step out the door. No one wants to hire someone who seems unsure about themselves. Even if you don't feel particularly confident or enthusiastic, fake it till you make it.

Bring Your Paperwork

Although they should already have your resume and application, bring fresh copies of each. Put them in a professional looking binder or folder, and include your reference letters and other important documents too. This will show the prospective employer that you are neat and organized, which are excellent traits for any CNA.

Follow Up Later

While you shouldn't pester the employer, thanking them in a follow-up letter or email is smart and classy. Keep the note brief, but friendly. Thank them for the opportunity of interviewing with them, and reiterate your contact information for good measure. After that, sit back and try to be patient. If several weeks go by, contact them again to see if they've made a hiring decision yet.

The main reason people struggle during job interviews is because they're not prepared. Avoid this issue by starting to prepare the instant you are scheduled for an interview. This means a little extra work, but it'll be well worth it when you ace your interview and get the job.

Amelia Wilson
Amelia Wilson

An RN with a BSN degree, seamlessly transitioned into healthcare writing, applying her medical knowledge to offer valuable insights to a diverse readership.

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