Top 4 CNA Programs in New York

Top 4 CNA Programs in New York
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New York is one of the best states for CNAs, or Certified Nursing Assistants, to find work. While they're in demand across the country, CNAs in New York tend to enjoy very competitive pay and can take their pick from a variety of work environments. In the quest for a successful career, it pays to become certified as a nursing assistant. You must pass an exam to earn that certification, but you must complete an educational program before being eligible to sit for it. As luck would have it, there are numerous affordable CNA programs in the state of New York. By familiarizing yourself with the top programs, you'll have an easier time finding one that works for you.

Four Popular New York CNA Programs

Get your search for a CNA program off to a great start by considering these four particularly popular options:

  1. Allen School of Health Sciences - Queens - If you live in or near Queens, the Allen School of Health Sciences has a campus there where you can complete its Nursing Assistant Program. Upon successfully completing the program, which takes a few months, you will be eligible to sit for the New York State Nurse Aide Exam. As an added bonus, you can continue on to become a Patient Care Technician through the school to broaden your skill base and earning potential even more.
  2. Allen School of Health Sciences - Brooklyn - This popular technical school also operates a campus in Brooklyn. If it's more convenient for you than Queens, it's a terrific option to consider. Like the Queens campus, the Brooklyn campus offers a complete Nursing Assistant Program that's made up of in-class instruction, lab practices, and clinical experience at nearby nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.
  3. New Age Training - With its location in New York City, New Age Training is a convenient option for aspiring CNAs who live or work in the Big Apple. Its Nurse Aide Assistant/CNA program is approved by the New York Education Department and the New York State Department of Health, and it meets all of the latter agency's curriculum requirements. Conveniently, the State Board Exam is held right at the school upon completion of the program, which includes an externship. The total cost, including all fees, is $1,750.
  4. Wilson Technological Center - The Northport campus of this Dix Hills, New York, school offers an affordable and flexible CNA program. Tuition averages around $1,575, but additional fees and costs apply. If you opt for the full-time program, you can complete it in about two months. If you opt for the part-time or evening program, you will complete it in around five months. Both programs consist of 115 hours of classroom instruction and 60 hours of clinical, hands-on education at local healthcare facilities.

Becoming a CNA in New York is an excellent way to get your nursing career off to a great start. Whether you're upstate, in or near New York City, or elsewhere, there are sure to be plenty of approved CNA programs available. Take your time while researching the available options to ensure that the program that you enroll in suits your needs. These programs are typically quite fast-paced, so it's crucial not to miss any days. Once you find and enroll in a program, you will be sitting for your exam before you know it.

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