CNA License in Alaska

What You Need to Know about CNA Licensing in Alaska

Do you have a passion for helping others, especially those who are elderly or disabled? Would you like to turn your passion into a career? If so, a career as a certified nurse aide may be the best choice for you. There is a great need for qualified CNAs in Alaska, and the state does not require licensing to obtain employment and work in this sector of nursing.

Certification Requirements in Alaska

For you to become a CNA in Alaska, you will need to complete the requirements set forth by the Alaska Nurse Aide Registry. First, you must graduate from a CNA training program that has been approved by the state. After you have done this, the next step is to apply for a seat to take the Certified Nurse Aide Competency exam. Upon completion of these two steps, you can apply for CNA certification in Alaska.

How to Get Your CNA Certification in Alaska

One of the best things about choosing to become a Certified Nursing Aide in Alaska is that the certification process is very easy. Simply visit the State of Alaska website and click on "Application for CNA by Exam." This will take you to an application that you must fill out and submit. You will also need to submit your fingerprints and a current passport-sized photo of yourself.

State-Approved CNA Schools in Alaska

If you would like to obtain your CNA training in Alaska, one of the following schools can get you started.

  1. Alaska Vocational Technical Center
    809 2nd Avenue, Seward, AK 99664
    Request info
  2. Ilisagvik College
    Narl Rd # 360, Barrow, AK 99723
    Request info
  3. University of Alaska
    505 S Chandalar Drive, Fairbanks, AK 99775
    Request info

How to Verify Your CNA Certification in Alaska

If you need to verify your CNA certification in Alaska, go to the State of Alaska website and click on the "Professional Licensing" tab. Next, scroll down to the bottom and click on "How to Request a License Verification." This will take you to an application that you must fill out and submit to verify your CNA certification in Alaska.

How to Renew Your CNA Certification in Alaska

Your Alaska nurse aide certification will need to be renewed every two years during even-numbered years, regardless of when you received your initial certification. To renew your certification, you must complete some community education courses, submit a renewal application and pay the current renewal fee.

How to Reinstate Your CNA Certification in Alaska

You must work as a CNA for at least 160 hours every two years to keep your certification active in Alaska. If you fall under this figure, you will need to take the competency exam again, complete various continuing education courses and pay a reinstatement fee to reinstate your certification.

How to Transfer Your CNA Certification from Alaska to Another State

If you are moving to another state and would like to transfer your CNA certification, the first thing you need to do is to fill out a certification verification form. You will find this form on the State of Alaska website. You can send this form to your new employer and/or your new state's Nurse Aide Registry to request that your name be placed on their CNA list.

Alaska Nurse Aide Registry

If you have any further questions regarding CNA certification in Alaska, contact the state's Nurse Aide Registry at:

Alaska Nurse Aide Registry
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1500
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 269-8161

There are many great benefits to becoming a CNA in Alaska including short training programs, plenty of job opportunities and excellent starting wages.