Is Online CNA Training Right for You?

Online CNA training is a great way to hold down a job while working to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Learn more about online CNA programs and their benefits in this article.
Is Online CNA Training Right for You?

If you already work full-time but want to break into the nursing field, the idea of completing a two- or four-year nursing program would likely be pretty daunting for you. However, you will be glad to know that there is a faster way to kick-start your nursing career. It's by becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA. Although classroom-based programs typically only take four to 12 weeks, online programs offer more convenience and flexibility. Most importantly, they allow you to keep working while working toward certification.

Reasons to Complete Online CNA Program

Like many busy, working adults, you probably struggle to find time to advance your education. Juggling a career and schooling is tricky. Luckily, becoming a CNA isn't. Online classes for CNA certification are readily available. They allow you to complete your coursework on your own schedule. Since you don't have to drive to a physical classroom, you save even more time.

Do You Meet the Requirements for Online CNA Program?

The requirements for online CNA programs are identical to those for traditional classroom-based programs. More good news is, there are many providers that offer both types of instructions - which allows students to choose the option that's right for them. To enroll in an online CNA program, you will need your high school diploma or GED. You will also likely be asked to take CPR classes and to undergo a TB screening and to provide immunization records. Sometimes, prospective students are also asked to take proficiency tests on basic subjects like math and English.

How Online CNA Program Works

To determine if online CNA programs are right for you, learn about what it involves. Like classroom-based programs, online CNA programs cover a wide array of subjects including chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and biology. When you get schooled online, you typically download each day's lectures and watch them at your convenience. Assignments are usually posted to a private webpage or emailed to you. If you have questions along the way, you can email your instructor.

All online CNA programs also include clinical practice, in which you practice various CNA job duties in actual healthcare settings. Sometimes, however, simulation labs are used instead. Either way, you will have to complete a clinical skills section. Therefore, at least one small part of your schooling will happen offline.

Where to Find Online CNA Programs

These days, several CNA programs offered by community colleges, vocational schools, hospitals, and other facilities have online counterparts as well. Therefore, to find online CNA programs, try looking for schools that offer traditional instruction. In many cases, you will find online versions of these same programs and can opt to enroll in them instead.

Regardless of how you find your online CNA program, make sure it is state-approved. It must also be approved by your state's board of nursing or health department, or you won't be eligible to take the certification exam when you complete the program.

Prepare for Your CNA Exam Online

The main purpose of any CNA program - online or otherwise - is to prepare you to take and pass the CNA licensing exam. This exam is administered by the state-approved vendor, and you must sit for it in person even if you completed an online program. Exams are usually given at various locations throughout a state and at various times, so it's easy to find a situation that suits your needs.

With online CNA programs, you can keep working while taking steps to boost your career. Find an online program now to get on the path to becoming a CNA.

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