CNA License Verification

CNA License Verification - How to Verify Your Nursing Assistant License

CNA License Verification

After you have passed your CNA exam and have become certified, you will want to regularly verify your CNA licensure status. This is an important part of making sure that your CNA license stays current and in good standing. In this article, we'll look at why you should verify your license, and how to do it.

Reasons to Verify Your CNA License

There are several reasons you will want to verify your license. The first, and most important, is to verify your license is active. If you were job hunting, the last thing you would want is for a potential employer to discover your license is inactive and that you were not eligible for employment.

The second is to verify that there are no negative items on your record. If you suspect that someone might have reported you for abuse, neglect, or another charge to your state's nursing board, you should keep an eye on the current status of your license.

The third is to confirm your renewal date. If you feel like you are close to needing to renew your license, check as soon as possible as it is much easier to renew a current license than reinstate a lapsed one.

The fourth is to find your license number. Some states, like California offer an online system that you can use to search for your license by name. The results will show you your first and last name, plus your middle initial, along with your certificate number and current license status.

How to Verify Your CNA License

The verification process varies from state to state. As mentioned previously, some states allow you to verify your current license status online by conducting a search using your name or your license number. Additional details you may find online include the original certification date, expiration date, current employer, and any abuse findings or convictions. It's important to regularly check on this - if you can check it publicly online, then others can as well.

Should you find any negative reports on along with your license information, you will need to contact your state's nursing board for more information. It could make the difference between having your license suspended to having it revoked completely.

If you need to get a physical copy of your license, you will need to fill out a form to request one. Having your license number will be crucial for this, so if you don't have it, try to find it online first. Otherwise, you will need to contact your state's nursing board or licensing authority. Some states only allow you to get a copy of your license once, so be sure to properly care for your official copy.