CNA License in New Hampshire

Discover the prerequisites for CNA licensing in New Hampshire. Gain insights into license renewal, verification, reinstatement, and reciprocity in the Granite State.
CNA License in New Hampshire

Have you been thinking about becoming a nurse in New Hampshire, but are not sure if you will enjoy such a career? Does spending years in a grueling training program makes you hesitant? If you answered yes to both the questions, training to become a nurse aide may be an ideal choice for you. Not only will a nurse aide job provide you with a peek at nursing, but training programs also only last about eight weeks!

LNA Licensing Requirements in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the few states in the U.S. that requires its nurse aides to obtain licensing as opposed to certification. Therefore, they are appropriately known as Licensed Nurse Aides, or LNAs. Before you can obtain a license, you must enroll in and complete a New Hampshire Nursing Assistant Education Program. Other requirements include a criminal background check and passing scores on both sections of the NH nurse aide competency exam.

How to Get Your LNA License in New Hampshire

After fulfilling the licensing requirements as set by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing, you will be eligible for licensing as a nurse aide. To apply for an initial LNA license, go to the Board of Nursing website and click on "Online Initial and Renewal Applications." On the page that opens, you will be required to register if you are a new user. Just click on “Create an account for a person” to register if you need to. If you have already registered and have a user id and password, click on “log in here” to login and apply for the license.

How to Verify Your LNA License in New Hampshire

Occasionally, situations may arise when you need to verify your LNA license in New Hampshire. In such a case, navigate to the Board of Nursing website and click on “Licensee lookup.” Then on “New Hampshire Online Verification.” This will direct you to the “register or login” page where you will be to either create an account to login or if you already have an account then just login using your id and password to verify the status of your license with the state of New Hampshire.

How to Renew Your LNA License in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, you must renew your LNA license every two years. To be eligible for renewal, you will need to complete 24 hours of continuing education and 200 hours of paid work as a nurse aide within the last two years. You must then complete a renewal application, which can be found inside your account with the New Hampshire Board of Nursing website (through the same “register or login” page).

How to Reinstate Your LNA License in New Hampshire

If you do not meet the requirements for renewal, you will need to reinstate your license. Currently, the process for doing this involves completing retaking the LNA competency exam. You will need to call or email the board to request a reinstatement application. The board will send you the application along with a list of approved testing facilities in the state. After receiving your test results, you are to fill the application and submit it to the board.

How to Transfer Your LNA License from New Hampshire to Another State

To transfer you LNA license from New Hampshire to another state, you must contact the other state's nurse aide regulatory agency to learn about their requirements. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing can help you locate the proper agency. In most cases, you will need to provide verification of your LNA status, complete various continuing education classes, pay a transfer fee and/or sit for a state competency exam.

New Hampshire Nurse Aide Registry

If you have additional questions, contact the New Hampshire Nurse Aide Registry at:

New Hampshire Board of Nursing
Office of Professional Licensure and Certification

7 Eagle Square, Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 271-2152
Fax: (603) 271-6605
Verification Link

State-Approved LNA Programs in New Hampshire

Being a successful LNA is highly dependent upon the training you receive. The following LNA schools, which are some of the best in New Hampshire, will help you in your goal.

  1. Lakes Region Community College

    379 Belmont Rd, Laconia, NH 03246 (603) 524-3207
  2. Manchester Community College

    1066 Front St, Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 206-8164
  3. New Hampshire Job Corps Center

    943 Dunbarton Rd, Manchester, NH 03102 (603) 695-8800
  4. River Valley Community College

    1 College Place, Claremont, NH 03743 (603) 443-4200
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