CNA License in Nebraska

Uncover the CNA license requirements in Nebraska. Gain insights into renewal, verification, reinstatement, and reciprocity processes. Start your journey toward a rewarding CNA career today!
CNA License in Nebraska

Are you thinking about becoming a licensed or registered nurse in Nebraska, but are not quite ready to spend years in intensive training? If this is the case with you, why not start out by becoming a CNA? Not only are CNA programs very short, but a nurse aide position will give you an inside look at LPN and RN careers.

CNA Certification Requirements in Nebraska

In Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services oversees all CNA training and certifications. Currently, if you wish to obtain employment as a CNA in Nebraska, you must participate in no less than 75 hours of appropriate training. You must also be at least 16, able to pass a criminal background check, and successfully complete one hour of Nebraska-specific abuse/neglect/misappropriation training. Finally, you will need to apply for a seat to take the CNA certification exam and pass both parts with acceptable scores.

How to Get Your CNA Certification in Nebraska

So long as you meet the above-mentioned requirements, you will become certified as a nurse aide in Nebraska, with your name being automatically included on the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry as an active CNA. This will allow you to seek out and obtain employment as a nursing aide in a hospital or long-term care facility.

How to Verify Your CNA Certification in Nebraska

To check the status of your CNA certification in Nebraska, go to the state's Department of Health and Human Services website and click on "Licensing and Registrations." On the page, click on "Professions and Occupations." From this page, navigate as follows: "Nursing and Nursing Support," "Nurse Aide" and "Instructions to Verify a Nurse Aide on the Website."

How to Renew Your CNA Certification in Nebraska

There is no formal procedure for renewing CNA certifications in Nebraska. You will stay active if you work as a nurse aide in a paid position within 24 months of your last job as a nurse aide.

How to Reinstate Your CNA Certification in Nebraska

If you do not work as a paid CNA in Nebraska within two years of your last job as a nurse aide, your status will become inactive. At this point, you will need to reinstate your CNA certification. You can reactivate your status by retaking and passing both sections of the CNA certification exam.

How to Transfer Your CNA Certification from Nebraska to Another State

If you are moving and need to transfer your Nebraska CNA certification to another state, you must comply with the other state's transfer requirements. To locate your new state's CNA regulatory agency, you can use the search tool found on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website. We also offer a list of state CNA registries and you can download it from here. In addition to providing the other state with CNA verification, you may also need to complete continuing education coursework and/or take and pass state testing.

Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry

If you have additional questions, contact the Nebraska Nurse Aide Registry at:

Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
Division of Public Health - Licensure Unit
Office of Nursing Support

PO Box 94986, Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-4322
Fax: (402) 742-1151
Verification Link

State-Approved CNA Programs in Nebraska

Do you need help finding an approved CNA school in Nebraska? Listed below are some of the best CNA facilities in the state.

  1. Bryan College of Health Sciences

    1535 S 52nd St, Lincoln, NE 68506 (402) 481-3801
  2. Creighton University

    2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178 (402) 280-2700
  3. Metropolitan Community College

    5300 N 30th St, Omaha, NE 68111 (800) 228-9553
  4. Nebraska Methodist College

    720 N 87th St, Omaha, NE 68114 (402) 354-7000
  5. Northeast Community College

    801 E Benjamin Ave, Norfolk, NE 68701 (402) 371-2020
  6. Southeast Community College

    8800 O St, Lincoln, NE 68520 (402) 471-3333
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