CNA License in Rhode Island

Discover the ins and outs of CNA licensing in Rhode Island. Learn about the prerequisites, license renewal, verification, reinstatement, and reciprocity for your certification in the Ocean State.
CNA License in Rhode Island

Are you looking for a career that is in high demand in Rhode Island? Do you only have a couple of months to spare for your education? If you answered yes to these two questions, training to become a nursing assistant may be a great choice for you. Not only is there a rising need for qualified nursing assistants in Rhode Island, but you can also complete a training program in only two months or less!

LNA Licensing Requirements in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of the few states that require their nursing assistants to obtain licensing as opposed to certification. Therefore, nursing assistants are appropriately referred to as Licensed Nursing Assistants, or LNAs, in Rhode Island. Before you can obtain LNA licensing in Rhode Island, you must complete an approved program of at least 120 hours. Additionally, you will need to achieve an acceptable score on the state's LNA competency evaluation.

How to Get Your LNA License in Rhode Island

After fulfilling your training requirement, you will be applying for a nursing assistant license (applying for license comes before testing). Actually, when you complete your training program, the program coordinator/instructor will have you complete a license application and will submit the application to the Department of Health for you.

How to Verify Your LNA License in Rhode Island

If you need to verify your nursing assistant status in Rhode Island, go to the state's Department of Health website and navigate from the homepage as follows: Licensing, Nursing Assistants, and Verify a Nursing Assistant License. On the page, simply input your name and/or license number into the search tool to check your current LNA status in Rhode Island.

How to Renew Your LNA License in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island, you will need to renew your nursing assistant license every two years. You can do this online by navigating through the Department of Health website as follows: Licensing, Nursing Assistants, Renew Online. On the page that opens, you will be required to log in using your id and password. If you don’t have them, simply register for an account and get your user id and password. After login to your account, you can start the renewal process.

How to Reinstate Your LNA License in Rhode Island

When renewing your license, you must provide proof of at least eight hours of employment as a nursing assistant during the previous 24 months. If you cannot do this, you will need to reinstate your license. The only way to reinstate your LNA license in Rhode Island is to retake the competency exam.

How to Transfer Your LNA License from Rhode Island to Another State

In most cases, you will simply need to verify your current nursing assistant status to transfer your license to another state. However, since some states have other requirements as well, you must contact your new state's nursing assistant regulatory agency to what those are. You can quickly and easily do this by using the search tool located on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website.

Rhode Island Nurse Aide Registry

If you have additional questions, contact the Rhode Island Nurse Aide Registry at:

Rhode Island Department of Health
Office of Health Professionals Regulation

3 Capitol Hill, Room 105, Providence, RI 02908
Phone: (401) 222-5888
Verification Link

State-Approved LNA Programs in Rhode Island

A few of the top-rated facilities in the state include:

  1. Community College of Rhode Island

    1762 Old Louisquisset Pike, Lincoln, RI 02865 (401) 333-7000
  2. Exeter Job Corps Center

    162 Main St, Exeter, RI 02822 (401) 268-6000
  3. Lifespan Health System

    167 Point St, Providence, RI 02903 (401) 444-3500
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