CNA License in North Dakota

Discover the CNA license requirements, renewal, verification, reinstatement, and reciprocity in North Dakota. Get all the information you need for your nursing assistant certification.
CNA License in North Dakota

Is it your dream to have a job that leaves you feeling satisfied each day in North Dakota? Does the thought of working in the medical field intrigue you? If your answer was a “yes” to both those questions, why not consider training to become a Certified Nursing Aide/Assistant (CNA)? There are many great benefits to choosing a career as a CNA in North Dakota, including short training program, a nice starting salary, and ever-increasing employment opportunities.

CNA Certification Requirements in North Dakota

In the state of North Dakota, the North Dakota Department of Health regulates CNA training programs and certification procedures. In accordance with the Department's regulations, all aspiring CNAs must complete an approved program. Additionally, before obtaining certification, CNA program graduates will need to pass the CNA competency exam offered through either Pearson Vue or D&S Diversified Technologies. A criminal background check is required before completing the competency exam.

How to Get Your CNA Certification in North Dakota

After you have graduated from a state-approved CNA training program and achieved passing scores on both parts of the competency exam, you must submit an application to obtain initial CNA certification. You can do this by navigating through the North Dakota Department of Health website as follows: Regulation, Licensure & Certification - Health Facilities - Nurse Aide Registry. Then, click on “Nurse Aide Registry On Line Services” near the top. Then, click on “Apply online” under Applications. On the new page, click on “Nurse Aide (NA) Initial Application.” Then, on another new page, click on the Start the Application button to start your application.

How to Verify Your CNA Certification in North Dakota

If you need to check your status as a CNA in North Dakota, go to the Department of Health website and arrive on the Nurse Aide Registry page. Then, go to the online services page and click on “Registration Verifications.” This will lead you to a page where you will find the CNA look-up tool needed to verify your status.

How to Renew Your CNA Certification in North Dakota

North Dakota CNA certifications must be renewed every two years. To renew your certification, you must have worked at least eight hours as a paid nurse aide. To renew, go to the state's Department of Health website and arrive on the registry page. From there, go to the online services page. Then click on “Renewals.” Then click on the CNA renewal form link. You will be required to login using your last name, your SSN, and your registry number to renew. Renewals will maintain your status for an additional two years.

How to Reinstate Your CNA Certification in North Dakota

If you cannot provide proof of at least eight hours of CNA employment at the time of your renewal, you will need to reinstate your certification, as you will not be eligible for renewal of your CNA certification. In this case, you will need to retake the CNA competency exam. If there is a significant lapse in your certification, you may need to complete additional training.

How to Transfer Your CNA Certification from North Dakota to Another State

If you obtain employment in another state and need to transfer your CNA certification out of North Dakota, you must first locate the other state's CNA regulatory agency to know the transfer requirements of the new state. You can accomplish this by using the search tool found on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website. In most cases, you will only need to provide verification of your CNA status. However, some states have more requirements.

North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry

If you have additional questions, contact the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry at:

North Dakota Department of Health
Division of Health Facilities

600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept 301, Bismarck, ND 58505
Phone: (701) 328-2353
Fax: (701) 328-1890
Verification Link

State-Approved CNA Programs in North Dakota

Do you want to attend a CNA program in North Dakota? The following schools offer some of the best programs in the state.

  1. Bismarck State College

    1500 Edwards Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 (800) 445-5073
  2. Lake Region State College

    1801 College Dr N, Devils Lake, ND 58301 (701) 662-1600
  3. North Dakota State College of Science

    800 6th St N, Wahpeton, ND 58075 (800) 342-4325
  4. Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College

    220 8th Ave E, New Town, ND 58763 (701) 627-4738
  5. Williston State College

    415 22nd Ave NE, Williston, ND 58801 (701) 572-2835
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