Top 5 CNA Programs in Florida

If you're an aspiring CNA in the state of Florida, finding a program is a top priority. Learn about the most popular Florida CNA programs for CNAs in this post.
Top 5 CNA Programs in Florida

CNA programs are commonly offered at community colleges, vocational schools, and technical schools in Florida. There are so many options that it's easy to be confused about how to proceed. The sooner you enroll in and complete a program, the sooner you can start working as a CNA. Speed up the process of finding a great program by familiarizing yourself with the popular options in the state.

Although there are many CNA programs in Florida, not all of them are as affordable or quick to complete as others. The popular programs can be completed quickly and are very inexpensive. They include:

Santa Fe College

This Gainesville, Florida, school has an estimated, in-state total cost of $1,584.26 for its CNA program. The course consists of 165 hours of classroom and clinical instruction. The latter is completed at local nursing homes and other facilities. Once you pass the class, you can take the State Certification Nursing Assessment exam.

Florida National University

If you're in the greater Miami area, this Hialeah-based school is a convenient option to consider for your CNA education. Its Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide program consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours. During the course of study, you will engage in several hours of clinical practice and will also complete an externship.

Manatee Technical College

Located in Bradenton, Florida, Manatee Technical College is an affordable and convenient option for aspiring CNAs in the area. Its CNA certification course costs $1,250 and is of five weeks in duration. If you take it part-time, you can finish it in about three months. You can then take the CNA certification exam, which is administered by the Florida Department of Health. The school boasts an 87-percent rate of work placement, so this is a promising option to consider.

First Coast Technical College

The Saint Augustine campus of this Palatka, Florida-based school offers a convenient nine-week CNA program that prepares students for the State of Florida certification exam. Like other programs, it includes classroom instruction and several hours of clinical practice, which is completed at local hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Charlotte Technical Center

If you live in or near Port Charlotte, Florida, take a closer look at this popular school. It offers a CNA program with evening hours, which is perfect for busy working adults. The program consists of 165 hours of in-class instruction and clinical experience at local facilities. The clinicals are completed on weekends. Average tuition for this program is $1,114. You may qualify for financial aid, which would help ease the burden.

At this very moment, there are tons of CNA classes around the state of Florida that are enrolling students. The sooner you enroll yourself, the sooner you'll take the exam, earn your license, and become a full-fledged CNA. Study up about the popular programs in the state to quickly identify one that suits your budget and needs.

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