Top 5 CNA Programs in Michigan

The first step to becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in the state of Michigan is completing a CNA program. Learn about five popular Michigan CNA programs in this article.
Top 5 CNA Programs in Michigan

As is the case in all 50 states, CNAs, or Certified Nursing Assistants, are in high demand in Michigan. If you live in the Great Lakes State and aspire to be a CNA, you must first complete an approved CNA program. Regardless of where you live, you can take your pick from numerous programs, which are typically offered at vocational and technical schools and community colleges. These programs prepare you to take and pass the certification exam, so they are very important. Get familiar with some of the popular CNA programs in Michigan to more easily find the one that's right for you.

You have plenty of options when it comes to CNA programs in Michigan. A few especially popular examples include:

Lansing Community College

Centrally located in Lansing, the capital of the state, Lansing Community College, or LCC, offers a certification program for nurse's aides. The entire program consists of five credit / eight billing hours of study, which includes classroom instruction and clinical practice sessions. Upon successfully completing the program, you will be eligible to take the State Competency Evaluation Nurse Aide Exam. In-state tuition for this school averages around $1,650 per person.

Baker College

With campuses in Allen Park, Auburn Hills, Cass City, and several other Michigan communities, Baker College is a convenient and affordable option for anyone who wants to pursue a career as a CNA. The school, which is accredited by CAAHEP, offers an associate of applied science in medical assisting, which prepares students to take and pass the state licensing exam. The program offers one of the easy ways to get the ball rolling on this exciting career.

Schoolcraft College

Located in Livonia, a suburb of Detroit, Schoolcraft College is among the largest community colleges in the state. Average in-state tuition is $4,305 at the time of this writing, and you can earn your Medical Assisting Certificate in a matter of weeks. As soon as you do, you will be eligible to sit for the state licensing exam. The program offers in-class instruction as well as hands-on education at local healthcare facilities. Financial aid is available to eligible students.

Everest Institute

Everest Institute's Dearborn, Michigan, location offers a Medical Assistant Diploma Program that will arm you with the skills and knowledge you need to take and pass the state licensing exam to become a CNA. After completing your coursework, you will participate in an externship that will give you in-depth hands-on education. The exam includes a practical, or skills-based, section, so this is especially useful.

North Central Michigan College

Situated in Petoskey, Michigan, North Central Michigan College offers certified nurse aide learning through its Health Sciences/Allied Health Program. Over the course of around four weeks, or one semester, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to take and pass the licensing exam for becoming a CNA. The program includes hands-on education at local long-term care facilities. In-state tuition averages around $5808.00 for 2020-21 academic school year, but some students can qualify for financial aid that reduces the burden.

Like any aspiring CNA, you'd probably like to get your career off to the best possible start. Choosing the right CNA program is a huge part of that, and you have plenty of options in Michigan. Choose wisely, and then complete your program, pass the exam, and start looking for jobs as a CNA.

Amelia Wilson
Amelia Wilson

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