Top 4 CNA Programs in Memphis

Are you interested in becoming a CNA? If you live in Memphis, you can choose from a variety of CNA programs. Learn about the top programs for CNAs in Memphis in this post.
Top 4 CNA Programs in Memphis

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, is one of the several ways to get your start in the rewarding and challenging field of nursing. If you live in or near Memphis, TN, and want to jump-start your career by becoming a CNA, you're in luck. There are numerous approved and very reputable CNA programs in Memphis and the surrounding area. You must graduate from one in order to sit for the CNA certification exam, and you must pass the exam in order to receive your license. It may seem like a lot, but you will be applying for CNA jobs before you know it.

CNAs work directly on the front lines by assisting patients with their everyday needs. This type of work requires a lot of specific kinds of knowledge and skills, and the right CNA program will provide them. Indeed, the CNA program that you choose has a major influence on how quickly you're able to take the exam and earn your license. Therefore, you shouldn't rush the process of looking for one. There are plenty of viable options in and around the city. Start your search by considering these four especially popular programs:

Concorde Career College

The Medical Assisting program at Concorde Career College, which is located right in Memphis, arms you with the skills and knowledge that you need to excel in your career as a CNA. Unlike many programs, however, this one is eight months in length. If you need to find work quickly, you can easily find much shorter programs around the area. However, if you have the time, the program here is a terrific option because it provides extensive, in-depth education that is sure to come in handy throughout your career.

Mid-South Community College

Located just a short distance away from Memphis in West Memphis, AR, Mid-South Community College is a convenient and affordable option for aspiring CNAs in the area. Its CNA program is designed to prepare you for the State of Arkansas CNA Exam. Upon completing the program, you will receive a certificate of proficiency in nurse assisting and can then sit for the exam. This program consists of classroom work, including labs and lectures, and clinical, hands-on education at local healthcare facilities. To enroll, you must pass a drug test and a background check.

Northwest Mississippi Community College

Situated about 35 miles away from downtown Memphis, Northwest Mississippi Community College, or NMCC, is a popular option for area residents who are interested in becoming CNAs. Its Health Care Assistant program arms you with the skills and knowledge that you need to take and pass the state certification exam. You will hear lectures about a wide array of health-related topics and complete labs to put your newly acquired skills and knowledge to use. The program also includes a clinical experience at a local nursing home or other extended care facility.

Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute

If you're within a reasonable driving distance of Forrest City, AR, you should take a look at Crowley's Ridge Technical Institute. The school's Nursing Assistant Program allows you to quickly and affordably obtain the education that's required to sit for the state certification exam. The average cost of the program, including tuition, books and other supplies, is around $700 at the time of this writing. This is a 12-week program, so you should be able to take the exam in just a handful of months. A 324-hour-long CNA program, it includes a combination of classroom work, lectures, labs, and clinical experiences at nearby healthcare facilities. Most typically, students complete their clinical practice at nursing homes.

There's no need to wait around to kick-start your CNA career. If you live in the Memphis area, you can choose from a dizzying array of programs. By focusing on the most popular ones, you should be able to pinpoint one that meets your precise requirements in no time. Before you know it, you will have graduated from your program, taken and passed the state certification exam for CNAs and obtained your license. From there, all that's left to do is to apply for CNA jobs. With the credentials you earn through your program, finding a job will be easy.

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Amelia Wilson

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