Top 5 CNA Programs in Boston

Top 5 CNA Programs in Boston
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Becoming a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant, is easy when you live in the Boston area. That's because there are numerous excellent CNA programs in and around the city. The first step in becoming a CNA is completing an approved educational program, so the sooner you find one, the sooner you can get started on this exciting stage in your life. Of course, sorting through all of the CNA programs in Boston and the surrounding area is daunting. Hit the ground running on your search by considering the five popular CNA programs in Boston highlighted below. Odds are that at least one of them suits your preferences and requirements.

Top 5 Boston CNA Programs

As you will see, many approved CNA programs in Boston aren't in the city itself, but in a suburb. Luckily, plenty of them are within close proximity of the city, and most of them can be reached via public transportation. No matter where you live in the greater Boston area, you should be able to find a program that suits your budget and needs.

  1. Bunker Hill Community College - Known locally as BCC, this school is located in Charlestown, which is the oldest neighborhood in Boston. It offers an Accelerated Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide program that prepares students to take and pass the certification exam that's administered by the American Red Cross. The program consists of a mix of online, in-class, and off-site instruction. The latter involves honing clinical skills at local nursing homes. Clinical practice accounts for 24 hours of the program. This program is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
  2. Medical Professionals Institute - Located in Malden, MA, which is about five miles from downtown Boston, Medical Professionals Institute, which is accredited by ABHES, offers a Medical Assistant program. Upon completion, you will be eligible to sit for two certification exams: the AAMA exam and the AMT exam. This program consists of 355 hours of classroom instruction, 135 hours of lab work, and 240 hours of clinical practice at local nursing homes and other facilities.
  3. Middlesex Community College - Consisting of a total of 100 hours of instruction, the Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide Certificate Program offered by Middlesex Community College is an affordable way to kick-start your nursing career. The school is located in Bedford, which is about 15 miles from Boston. Tuition for the program costs approximately $995 at the time of this writing, and it doesn't include textbooks, scrubs, or the other supplies that you will need. 24 hours of clinical practice at local nursing homes is required. After successfully passing the course, you will be eligible to sit for the Massachusetts nurse assistant certification exam.
  4. North Short Community College - If you are within a reasonable distance of Danvers, which is about 17 miles from Boston, the CNA program at North Shore Community College could work for you. It's billed as a Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide course. This 100-hour program covers everything that you need to know to be a successful nurse aide. As with other programs, you must complete your clinical practice at a local hospital, nursing home, or other facility. Once you've passed the course, you'll be eligible to take the certification exam.
  5. Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health - This school is a bit further away, as it is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, which is about 50 miles from Boston. However, it offers a great CNA program. The Licensed Nursing Assistant program consists of a 125-hour course that includes 60 hours of clinical practice. Upon completing this course, you will be prepared and eligible to sit for the certification exam.

Becoming a CNA in Boston doesn't have to be difficult. A tricky part is finding the right program. Research the options above to more quickly find one that suits your needs.

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