Top 5 CNA Programs in Philadelphia

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Philadelphia, you must complete a CNA program. Learn about the top CNA programs in Philadelphia in this post.
Top 5 CNA Programs in Philadelphia

To gain access to Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, jobs in Philadelphia (like elsewhere in the U.S.), it's crucial to obtain your CNA certificate or license. The first step in doing this is completing an approved CNA program. A wide array of such programs are available in and around Philadelphia, so whatever your financial or scheduling needs may be, there is sure to be a program for you. Of course, pinpointing the right Philadelphia CNA program can be a daunting proposition. Do yourself a favor and learn about popular Philadelphia CNA programs to more easily zero in on the one that's perfect for you.

It is easy to feel a little overwhelmed while investigating CNA programs in the Philadelphia area. The last thing you should do is rush the process because the program that you select will have a pretty profound impact on your ability to obtain your certification in a timely manner. With that in mind, take a closer look at some of the most popular CNA programs in Philadelphia. By learning about them, you will have an easier time understanding what to look for.

Prism Career Institute

Located in Cherry Hill, NJ, which is about eight miles away from downtown Philadelphia, Prism Career Institute is a popular local school that offers a very streamlined CNA program. Prism's Nurse Aide Program can be completed in as little as four weeks, which means that you may be able to graduate, take the certification exam, and be on your way to becoming a CNA in just a few months. Like most programs of its kind, it consists of lectures, labs, and clinical practice. The latter is typically conducted at nearby nursing homes.

Lincoln Tech

If you live close to Morristown, NJ, Lincoln Tech may be the best option for you. This school offers a Nursing Aide Program that only takes a few weeks to complete. Indeed, the program consists of 50 hours of lectures and labs and 40 hours of clinical practice. The clinical portion is usually held at local healthcare facilities, including extended care facilities and hospitals. To enroll, you must have your CPR card and must undergo a physical exam and a background check.

Delaware Technical and Community College

Located in Wilmington, DE, which is about 27 miles from downtown Philadelphia, Delaware Technical and Community College's CNA Program is a fast, easy way to get the education that you need. Once you have successfully completed the program, you will be able to sit for the Nurse Aide Competency Exam. Shortly thereafter, you will receive your CNA license and will be ready to apply for jobs.

Dawn Career Institute

This school is also located in Wilmington, DE, so if you live in the area, you should take a closer look. Its Nurse Assistant program offers daytime and evening options. The daytime program runs 10 weeks in length while the evening option runs 12 weeks in length. You will attend lectures, complete lab work, and get clinical practice at nursing homes and other healthcare facilities in the area.

Antonelli Medical and Professional Institute

This school is located in Pottstown, PA, which is about 30 miles from downtown Philadelphia. It offers a Nurse Aide program that can be completed in as little as four weeks. The costs aren't published, but reviews state that the program is quite affordable. The program runs 100 hours in length, which is split up into 60 hours of classroom lectures and labs and 40 hours of clinical practice at local extended care facilities like nursing homes. Graduates of this program are eligible to take the state exam. Upon passing the exam and receiving your certification, you will be eligible to apply for CNA jobs anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

Being a CNA is rewarding and challenging work. It is crucial to obtain the education that you need so that you can get your license and qualify for better jobs. Luckily, Philadelphia CNA programs are readily available. They vary quite a lot in terms of duration, cost, and other attributes, so be sure to investigate the available options carefully before making your decision. Once you've selected a program, you'll be on your way to becoming a CNA.

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