10 Best Cities in America for CNAs to Find Jobs

CNAs, or Certified Nursing Assistants, are in high demand across the U.S., but their job prospects are stronger in some places. Learn about the 10 best cities for CNAs in this article.
10 Best Cities in America for CNAs to Find Jobs

Now that you've earned your Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, license, you're probably eager to find a job. Regardless of where you live, you shouldn't have any trouble finding one. However, CNAs in some cities have it better than CNAs in others. Pay rates are higher in some areas, and the job options tend to be more diverse in some places too. Familiarize yourself with the best cities for CNAs to make an informed decision about where to live and work.

If you have the option of relocating, consider moving to one of these cities to easily find high-paying CNA jobs:


In Seattle, CNAs can expect to earn an average o $15.77 per hour, so this is the most lucrative city for a CNA in this list.


The average hourly rate for a CNA in Boston is $15.47. Beantown is home to many important hospitals, including teaching hospitals, and its proximity to Cambridge is a major perk too.

New York City

Living in the Big Apple is expensive, but CNAs earn an average of $15.34 per hour. In the metropolitan area, there are more than 57,000 CNAs, and they work in a diverse array of facilities.

Los Angeles

More than 32,000 CNAs work and live in Los Angeles and the greater metro area. Pay averages $14.57 per hour, which is very competitive. Although it's not enough to afford living downtown, it's enough to live comfortably in the suburbs.


You can expect to earn an average of $14.38 per hour as a CNA in Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love is home to more than 24,500 CNAs who work in clinics, hospitals, assisted living centers, private homes, and many other settings.


CNAs in the Windy City earn an average of $13.05 per hour. Many major hospitals are located here, and there's a variety of facilities in the city itself and its outlying suburbs. Around 33,000 CNAs work in Chicago, so you'll be in good company.


Dallas is home to a huge array of hospitals, urgent care clinics, private practices, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. CNAs here earn an average of $12.31 per hour, so there are options for all experience levels.


More than 17,000 CNAs work in Houston. These professionals flock here not only for the nice climate, but, more importantly, for the competitive pay and superior benefits. CNAs in Houston earn an average hourly pay of $12.30.


With an average hourly rate of $12.18, Atlanta is a promising and pleasant place for CNAs. Around 16,000 CNAs are employed in Atlanta, and options range from assisted living centers to major hospitals.

St Louis

If you live close to St. Louis, consider relocating. CNAs pull in an average of $12.10 per hour, and more than 18,000 of them are employed here.

Before uprooting yourself to move to one of the above cities, investigate average hourly pay for CNAs in your area. It could very well be that you could also earn very competitive pay and enjoy exceptional benefits as a CNA where you live.

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Amanda Jordan

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