Top 6 Requirements for Becoming a CNA

What do you need to do to become a CNA, or certified nursing assistant? Learn about the top requirements for becoming a CNA in this article.
Top 6 Requirements for Becoming a CNA

A relatively easy way to break into the nursing line of work is by becoming a CNA, or Certified Nursing Assistant. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to become a licensed CNA in as little as four to six weeks. This implies that the requirements aren't too stringent, but that's not the case. In reality, aspiring CNAs must meet many different requirements to earn their certifications and apply for work. The article familiarizes you with the top requirements for becoming a CNA to have an easy time.

To become a CNA, you will most likely have to meet the following requirements:

Have a High School Diploma or GED

All state-approved CNA programs require either a high school diploma or GED. If you find a program that doesn't require one of these, it probably isn't approved. Even if you complete such a program, you won't be eligible to sit for your state licensing exam.

Complete a CNA Program

With a GED or diploma in hand, you can sign up for a CNA program. Such programs typically run from four to 12 weeks, and they include classroom instruction as well as clinical practice. You may not sit for the state licensing exam without completing an approved program, so there is no way around this requirement.

Complete Reading and Math Competency Tests

Some CNA programs require applicants to complete reading and math competency tests. Such tests tend to be quite basic, but it may be worth it to brush up on your skills a little before completing yours.

Earn Your CPR Certification

Most CNA programs require students to earn their CPR certifications. This is included in some programs, so you may not have to do anything special to earn yours. Other programs require students to obtain their certifications independently. Before enrolling in a program, ask about the CPR requirements so that you are as prepared as possible.

Complete Your Educational Health Requirements

Many CNA programs require prospective students to meet certain health requirements. For example, you may have to undergo tuberculosis screening. You may also need to provide your immunization records and catch up on any you haven't received. Until you do, you may not be allowed to participate in your CNA program.

Apply for Your State CNA License

The procedure for obtaining a CNA license varies by state. However, and obviously, you simply need to apply to get your certified nursing assistant license. You will need to submit the application to your state's relevant department.

When compared with becoming an RN, becoming a CNA is fairly easy. Still, there are quite a few requirements to meet, and it pays to know what they are before you begin. Once you have the requirements listed above out of the way, you will receive your CNA license and will be eligible to apply for jobs as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Incredibly, you may be able to start in just a few months, so start completing your CNA requirements today.

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Amanda Jordan

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