Top 10 States for Finding Employment as a CNA

Demand for CNAs is high across the country. However, it's easier to find prime CNA jobs in certain states. Find out which ones and why they have so many opportunities in this post.
Top 10 States for Finding Employment as a CNA

Certified Nursing Assistants, or CNAs, don't typically struggle to find jobs. All across the U.S., demand for these healthcare professionals is high and consistent. However, CNAs in some states have it better than CNAs in others. In some places, there's simply a greater variety of jobs. CNAs can take their pick from positions in many different environments. In other places, compensation, including pay and benefits, is better. If you aspire to be a CNA and are willing to relocate, learn which states offer good employment opportunities. This information is sure to come in handy down the line.

Although demand is high for CNAs across the country, more new positions are available in some areas than others. States with higher numbers of new CNA jobs may be more desirable because employers there are often more willing to hire brand-new nursing assistants. Therefore, by considering which states are adding the most new CNA positions, you can easily identify where demand is strongest and most promising.

The following states are expected to add thousands of new CNA jobs in the years ahead:


Approximately 3,900 new CNA jobs are expected to become available in California in the next few years. That's largely because many people go there to retire, and elderly people require more care.


Like California, Florida is a state that is very popular with senior citizens. Around 3,550 new CNA jobs are expected to become available in the Sunshine State in the next handful of years.

New York

With more than 2,300 new CNA positions expected to be added in the next few years, the Empire State is a great place for skilled healthcare workers.


The Buckeye State is expected to add nearly 2,000 new positions for CNAs in the near future. That's in addition to the thousands that are already available.

North Carolina

Approximately 1,950 new CNA jobs are projected to become available in North Carolina in the next few years. If you can't seem to find the right job in your state, you might want to relocate here. If you do, however, you'll need to obtain an NC CNA license.


The Prairie State is expected to add more than 1,650 new CNA jobs in the next several years. CNAs with all levels of experience are sure to find great jobs quickly.


If you can relocate to the Quaker State, you'll be able to take advantage of the more than 1,650 new CNA jobs that are expected to become available over the next few years.


More than 1,600 new CNA jobs should be added in Georgia over the next few years, making it a great place for CNAs of all skill levels to find employment.


The Great Lakes State expects more than 1,300 new CNA jobs to be added over the next handful of years, so it may be worth it to relocate there.


Finally, the Show-Me State is slated to add more than 1,300 new jobs for CNAs in the immediate future. By moving there, you'll have access to a wide array of exciting career opportunities.

Chances are that there are plenty of CNA jobs wherever you live. If not, consider relocating. You'll have steady employment, and it is sure to be a great adventure too.

Amanda Jordan
Amanda Jordan

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